The golden age of the JRPG. An age that focused on mechanics and storytelling more than just eye candy. An age in which you still saw stories you hadn’t seen before, met characters you hadn’t met before, felt emotions you hadn’t felt before. You know, when things were new and not rehashed cash grabs.

An era that seems to have faded away.

Forever lost? Not if it’s up to us. Voiceless is styled after those great ones, a kind of spiritual successor to the original Final Fantasy. Particularly the very first, in which you chose your own party from the start, a party of silent heroes with pasts and purposes never quite explained. Did you ever want to know more about them? Well, discovering all that is the idea behind our game---as well as the short story collection that accompanies it. (Take a bite for free)

To further explain Voiceless, let's go to this guy, whoever he thinks he is:

Look, The name's Foxe and believe me, I'd like to go on and on about my numerous exploits as a master thief - but for the first time in ten years, there's something more pressing on my mind than me.

I recruited four guys for a job. Your standard castle infiltration. But it turned into something else entirely, and these new friends of mine are along for the ride.

Something about 'em, though... Drives me crazy. Then do not speak. Since I met them, not a single word has escaped their lips.

My mouth is quick enough for all five of us, but it is clear these four have something of a story behind them, and sooner or later I'll have to know it.

The thought of remaining voiceless forever horrifies me. But the fate of the world just may depend upon their silence.

No I am not just being over-dramatic, Kyle. Got back to programming the game and leave the theatre to me.

Greg, terrific work on this cloak of mine. How it swished to and fro! Very lifelike.