You don’t really know someone until you’ve heard their voice. They come in different forms, for different reasons, with different volumes, but all cry out for one sole reason: to be heard.

A ballad written by a chubby young boy with a speech impediment. A series of paintings that tell the story of a bastard child conceived in horror and muted by an inner rage. The chime of a young healer’s bell that puts her on a path to retrieve her voice from the demon that stole her beloved away. These and others are the stories of those who fought through darkness and despair to give voice to their souls — voices that were eventually taken away from them...and if returned, may prove the destruction of their world.

When Once They Had Voices: A Prelude Anthology to Voiceless provides a companion backstory to Voiceless, our upcoming JRPG. Only by playing Voiceless and reading these stories can you discover the ultimate secrets of these silent protagonists and know the true depths of their loss. Cast your mind back to theses tales as you play the rest of the story in Voiceless and ensure their sacrifice was not in vain.

Chapter 1 - Sharizaad: The Olde Ways Are Made New

Sharizaad’s books called to him, each with a different voice. Some sang, some whistled; some shouted, some explained. His favorite books hailed him, calling him by name, inviting him to return again and again—but only one whispered.

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